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Personal Qigong

Personal Qigong - a video introduction to personalising your Qigong practice!

For great healing your Qigong form should efficiantly adress personal balance on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.
Combining a 30 year exploration of Qigong, shamanism, neuropychology and mindfulness, this personal Qigong service is designed to get to the heart of what you need.
Further than physical symptoms, people have said:

"I love the addition of affirmations for my life journey"

"I do this daily to break unwanted behavioural or belief feels right for me and I am already seeing changes!"

"Thank you for this personal qigong form. It such an efficiant use of time and it works!The spelling of Qigong belies its simplicity! It can be ‘googled’ and you will find Qigong, Qi Gong, Chi Gong and Qi Kung (the list continues!)."

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How personal Qigong works

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognises 5 elements that make up human life.
Earth, Fire, Water, Metal and Wood.
For full health, these need to be in balance. They rarely are, and the imbalance is often related to the challenges we face which make us stronger.
Getting to know our imbalances, our causative elemental proneness and even the missing elements is a powerful way to support ourselves.
To let go of less useful behaviours and to call in new supportive ways to be.
Qigong which targets your elemental make up is an efficiant use of a daily self help slot!
I can diagnose your elemental tendencies by an hour long questionaire which we can do face to face or by Skype call.
I will then send you a 15 minute qigong form, by video link, to be practised every day for 30 days. After that time we may want to 'tweak' it to new ways of approaching your life.

The price of consultation and video is £80.
Please contact me through the home page or on 07980046815.

Below are examples of how we can more generally focus on specific needs through Qigong .

Personal Qigong coaching. Tulips

Qigong for self love: an antidote to shame September 2018

This Qigong set emerged following the powerful Essence and Empowerment programme which I attended at the Findhorn Foundation last week. Lead by the Neuropsychologist Dr Stephanie Mines PhD, the programme addressed addiction and shame-based behavior. The set is movements around the sacred sites of Jin Shin Jyitsu, particular for the Pericardium and Triple Warmer channels.
Click Here! for instructions.

Personal Qigong coaching. Wonam Tai Chi meadow

Two Qigong moves for Loosening the Body and Gathering Energy

Click Here to see the You Tube video!

Personal Qigong coaching. older people qigong

February 2018: A Call from the Heart

Researchers have called for Tai Chi to be embedded in the standard Cardiac Rehabilitation NHS pathway as Outcome Measures show such success! Read more HERE

Deeply Relaxing Qigong August

CLICK HERE! for a new You Tube video showing the movements of Fa Soong Gong which I taught at our last Dorset retreat.

Personal Qigong coaching. Wonam Tai Chi meadow

Qigong for Mobility and Rehabilitation

One of the beauties of Qigong is it's simplicity. In terms of starting or returning to exercise this Form - called Fragrant Buddha - relies on engaging the mind in a story set in nature. The mind finds stories set in beautiful places it hard to resist so it is more likely to 'turn off' thought such as 'I can't move my arm sideways' or ' 'I will fall if I stand up'. Messages of pain are still there to protect us, however people can often do more than they think when they let the body decide!! Try the form here!

Qi Gong and Blood Pressure

For a short video on the benefits of Qi Gong for those with High Blood Pressure - please click here.

What is Qigong?

See here. for a You Tube information video about Qi Gong.

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