Sally Ibbotson Shiatsu Massage & QiGong
Kensal Rise, Covent Garden, Fulham
and Kingham, Oxfordshire

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Shiatsu Massage and Qigong coaching in Fulham, North West London, Covent Garden and Kingham, Oxfordshire

Sally Ibbotson is a qualified and experienced Shiatsu Massage Practitioner and Qigong Teacher working in Kingham Oxfordshire and the Kensal Rise, Fulham, Covent Garden and Willesden areas of London. She is a member of the Register of the Shiatsu Society and of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council.

Thank you for your skillful, sympathetic treatment. I feel so much more comfortable, easier steady and settled.

"I have worked as a Shiatsu Massage Therapist for over 20 years. Shiatsu is great in Pregnancy, recovery after illness or an operation, and for all chronic, stress-related conditions.

Qigong is taught in various venues including West Hampstead and Highgate. I run regular Qigong retreats in the Dorset countryside and hold London-based Workshops. I offer one to one qigong coaching in your home in Kingham, Oxfordshire.

My own journey to Health and Wellbeing has included regular Shiatsu treatments and a daily practice of Qigong. I am passionate about Natural and Complementary healthcare and see my work as supporting the body/minds innate ability to find individual healing solutions.

Treatments will comprise a full discussion about lifestyle and medical history and our main focus will be to discover what is right for you at this time."

Here are the Services that I offer:

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Shiatsu Massage in London and Oxfordshire

SHIATSU is a form of Japanese massage with it's origins in Oriental Medicine - Shiatsu has the same theoretical 'root' as Acupuncture.

Examples of Conditions which are typically improved by Shiatsu Treatments are:

*Lower Back pain: In a 2005 study, 87% of Shiatsu users reported less back pain.

*Stress-related issues: In an international evaluation of Shiatsu conducted by the Shiatsu Federation in 2005, 89% of Shiatsu users reported a reduction in tension and stress leading to a lessening of symptoms.

*Joint Pain or Stiffness: In a 2005 study, 84% of Shiatsu users reported an improvement in joint pain and stiffness

*Sleeping difficulties: In a 2005 study involving 948 clients, 94% of Shiatsu users reported better sleep.

*Pregnancy Issues; A 2004 study in Bristol's St Michael's hospital concluded that women who received Shiatsu throughout pregnancy were 17% more likely to labour spontaneously than those who did not receive the treatments.

"I came to you for Shiatsu because work deadlines had become so stressful that my IBS was causing me to double up in pain. During the 7 weeks that I have been coming for weekly treatments, my partner has noticed how much better I have negotiated those deadlines. I am no longer in pain, my neck and shoulders are more mobile and although I am tired, I am not so stressed. I will certainly make regular Shiatsu part of my life!" (Steve June 16)

The Shiatsu Society is a good source of information about the Philosophy, practice and history of Shiatsu.


I charge £60 per hour or £250 for a series of 5 treatments taken over a maximum time period of 15 weeks.


Mondays 02.00 pm until 07.00 pm
Wednesdays 07.30 pm
Thursdays 07.30 pm
Fridays 02.00 pm until 07.00 pm
Saturdays 10.00 am until 07.00 pm

Please contact me by clicking here.

A Huffington Post Journalist just wrote an excellent article about the benefits of Shiatsu and to read it CLICK HERE.

To view a typical treatment, watch the Video at the Shiatsu Society website HERE..

"When I think back to when I began my series of Shiatsu treatments with you, I was in a bad place physically and emotionally. I am so much better now. I have less pain, more energy and I feel able to participate in enjoyable pastimes that I would not have considered before. I even went surfing!" (Private Client who has ankylosing spondylitis May 16)

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Qigong in North West London and Dorset

Teaching Qigong is a delight! Qigong is an exercise and meditation system comprising visualisation, deep breathing and gentle slow movement.

Qigong Retreats are a great way to learn and practice in lovely settings. For details of our Rural Spring 2019 Retreat which will be held in Dorset from 16th to 19th May 2019, please contact me by clicking here..

"Hello from Canada, .
I have just discovered your you tube postings, and just wanted to say thank you. Your teaching is so clear and easy to follow. I have practiced Qigong for several years now and yoga for many, many, so the frame of reference for my accolades to you are well established.." (2018 you tube subscriber)

The Qi Gong Teachers Association UK is a good source of information about Qigong in general.

Qigong is taught in Harlesden, West Hampstead, Willesden and on rural retreat in Dorset.

For Prices, location and times CLICK HERE.

For a You Tube video of the Fa Soong Gong form please CLICK HERE.

" ......wanted to say thank you. Your teaching is so clear and easy to follow.."

Qigong is both meditation and exercise and many conditions can be treated:

Stress, anxiety, fatigue and overwork – when work/life balance needs adjusting

Back Pain acute and chronic

Head, neck and shoulder pain
.....and Migraines

Postural alignment - a self-help system for lower back pain

Immune deficiency - if you are 'run down' boost your ability to ward off viruses

Chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia, IBS, ME and Arthritis

Fatigue and Insomnia whether long or short term in nature

Pregnancy – both to take time out and for those painful ‘niggles’

*I also work with people who are terminally ill and am able to visit Hospices, Care homes or hospital wards.

Qualifications and Insurance

Dip Shiatsu
Dip Body Massage
Dip Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Well Mother Certificate in Pregnancy Massage
Dip Teacher of Qigong
Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council

My practice is insured by Balens UK.

Find me on Google by searching 'Massage Therapy North West London'

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